Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American Idol Top 5

The theme this week is Frank Sinatra. Harry Connick Jr. is the both the mentor and composer of the special arrangements for each contestant. He is also accompanying them all on piano. (Idol, take note. This is a true mentor.)

Aaron Kelly sang “Fly Me to the Moon.” I thought his vocals were a bit shaky, but he did a decent job with the song. Randy said Aaron did a good job with a classic sound despite being so young. Ellen said Aaron pulled it off with beautiful vocals. Kara said Aaron's performance was good but not as strong as last week. She said he needs to learn charisma and fill the stage more. Simon said Aaron didn't have Frank's swagger. However, he said Aaron is likable and he tries hard.

Casey James sang “Blue Skies.” He tried to put some soul into this song, but it was awkward. He didn't quite hit the high notes until the end. Randy said it was Casey's worst performance, "pitchy until the last note." Ellen agreed with Randy and called his performance stiff. Kara said it took Casey a long time to warm up and relax, and he needs to work on his vibrato. Simon said Casey's performance was not fantastic. He said Casey seemed awkward and embarrassed.

Crystal Bowersox sang “Summer Wind.” I thought this style suited her voice. She was classy and gorgeous and had a gentle confidence about her. I enjoyed the song, though it was more mild than her usual forte. Randy said the arrangement was great, but the performance was subdued and sleepy. Ellen said Crystal needed to loosen up more, but this performance showed a different side of Crystal. She said it was impressive. Kara said Crystal was out of her element with this song, but she liked it. She also complemented Crystal on her phrasing. Simon said Crystal's performance felt indulgent. He said the second half was better than the first, but this was not her strongest performance.

Michael Lynche sang “The Way You Look Tonight.” Mike was completely in his element tonight. This was one of his best performances. He could have sang any Sinatra song well, but he chose a popular song, which was very smart. Randy said Mike's vocals were unbelievable. Ellen said Mike looked the part and sounded the part. She called his performance smooth and said he had charisma. Kara said Mike found the drama in the song and took us on a journey, but he didn't lose himself in the song. Simon said Mike turned around this night for everyone. He said Mike put himself back in the game with this one.

Lee Dewyze sang “That’s Life.” Now that is swagger. I loved this performance. It was a great vocal, and Lee made it his own. Randy said Lee stayed his own rocker self, and he loved it. Ellen said, "If this were the last night, [Lee] would have just won this whole thing." Kara said Lee can win this competition, but he needs to believe he can. Simon said Harry Connick Jr. brought out Lee's personality and confidence tonight. He said Lee gave it 110% and called it the best performance of the night.

My favorites were Mike, Crystal and Lee.

I think Casey and Aaron are in trouble. I want Casey to stick around for a couple more weeks though, so I'm hoping Aaron's time is up.

Lady Gaga and this week's mentor, Harry Connick Jr., will perform tomorrow night. The Idol contestants will also perform multiple group songs.

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