Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tyler Hilton

Last night I saw Tyler Hilton play at the White Rabbit in San Antonio. (By the way, this is a fantastic venue to see up-and-coming artists at a small and personal show.)

The show was great. The New Politics and AM Taxi opened for Tyler, who was then followed by The Spill Canvas. The first two bands were alright. The New Politics was really high energy pop/rap, and AM Taxi was just really loud rock.

However, I decided not to stay for The Spill Canvas. I only know a couple of their songs, and it got crowded. Plus, I was just there for Tyler.

If you've never heard of Tyler Hilton the musician, chances are you've seen Tyler Hilton the actor (who are one in the same). Hilton is probably most famous for his role as Chris Keller in season two of One Tree Hill. He also played Elvis in Walk the Line, Murphy Bivens in Charlie Bartlet, and Drew in Taylor Swift's music video for "Teardrops on My Guitar."

Hilton was also featured on all three of the One Tree Hill soundtracks.

It's been six years since Hilton has released an album, but his new EP "Ladies and Gentlemen" is better than ever. My favorite tracks are "Sunset Blvd." and "This World Will Turn Your Way." It's a great singer/songwriter album that proves Tyler Hilton is not going anywhere but up. I'll admit, it took me a while to see him as Tyler Hilton instead of the rude and cocky Chris Keller, but I'm in love with his music (and his million dollar smile). This EP is available on iTunes for only $2.99 now.

1. Sunset Blvd.
2. I Believe in You
3. This World Will Turn Your Way
4. Keep On
5. June

At the show last night, Hilton seemed truly grateful to be living his dream. Every now and then he would look at the crowd and smile in a way that said, "I can't believe this is my life." His charm and humility is endearing. He interacted with the crowd and played all of the fan favorites.

After the show, I got the chance to meet Tyler. He was hanging out at the merch booth signing autographs and taking pictures. He was kind and genuinely happy to be meeting his fans. I've met a lot of famous musicians, and I would say that Tyler is one of the nicest for sure.

Tyler Hilton is also in the process of creating a music video for "I Believe in You," by stringing along clips from his tour. Each night he has the crowd sing a line from the song. We sang the first line of the second verse: "It's so hard to give you up, but too easy to pretend." So be on the lookout for the San Antonio crowd in the video. My roommate and I were front and center.

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