Thursday, March 4, 2010

American Idol Results

John, Jermaine, Michelle, and Haeley went home tonight.

Danny Gokey performed his single, "My Best Days," from his debut album, which released this week.  I love this track.  It's perfect for Danny.  He said on Idol he was known as the guy with the tragedy, but the show gave him so much hope.  He also recently found out that the man who wrote "My Best Days" also lost his wife and wrote this song about that. 

I'm glad Didi is sticking around for another week, though based on last night's performance she should have gone home. I'm not sad to see Michelle leave. She's forgettable.

I guessed Lacey over Haeley, but again, I'm not surprised. There are about 5 girls in this competition that I do not care if they stay or go. Lacey really needs to step it up next week, or she'll be gone.

Next week will determine the Top 12. The contestants need to bring it.

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