Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jason Castro Debut Album

Jason Castro's debut self-titled album is set to release April 13, 2010. His new single, "That's What I'm Here For" is now available on iTunes, as well as his rendition of "Over the Rainbow." The album cover is posted below, as well as the tracklisting.


1. Let’s Just Fall In Love Again
2. This Heart Of Mine
3. That’s What I’m Here For
4. Heart Of Stone
5. If I Were You
6. You Can Always Come Home (feat. Serena Ryder)
7. Love Uncompromised
8. Closer
9. All Wrapped Up
10. It Matters To Me
11. Hallelujah
12. Let’s Just Fall In Love Again (Acoustic Version)
13. Sweet Medicine
14. Over The Rainbow

This full album is available through pre-order now. An 8-track album will be released in stores. I'm assuming those eight songs not featured on Jason's EP. Jason's a very talented artist, and he's worked hard to make sure this album is exactly right. Make sure you pre-order your copy or pick one up on April 13.

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