Sunday, April 18, 2010

5 New Tracks

These five new tracks are on heavy rotation on my iTunes right now, so I thought I would share some new music with you.

Michael McEachern: "What's Inside"
I can't take the credit for finding this artist because he found me. A few weeks ago I noticed I had gained a new follower on Twitter (@michaelmceach). I checked out his profile, as I do with all new followers, to find that he is a musician. I fell in love with this song after the first line. McEachern has such a tender and refined voice, and the lyrics of this song are simply beautiful. At just 19 years old, McEachern has a very bright future ahead of him if he keeps writing songs like this. Rumor has it, he's touring a bit! Make sure to give this guy a listen and try to catch him on tour. Listen to this song here.

B.o.B. ft Hayley Williams: "Airplanes"
If you haven't heard this song yet, what are you waiting for? This is my absolute favorite song right now. I'm usually not a big fan of rap, but B.o.B. is fantastic. Combine his storytelling capabilities with Hayley Williams' (of Paramore) incredible vocals, and you're bound to have a hit. B.o.B., also known as Bobby Ray, is currently on tour, and his new album comes out next week (April 27). Listen to this track here.

Tyler Hilton: "I Believe In You"
Though Tyler Hilton hasn't released a full-length album since 2004, his newest EP, "Ladies and Gentlemen," though not yet released, is already gaining popularity with both this track and "Sunset Blvd." You can buy it on iTunes this Tuesday. Tyler Hilton is better known for his acting than his career as a musician. He played the role of Elvis in Walk the Line and Chris Keller in One Tree Hill. He was also featured in Taylor Swift's music video for "Teardrops on My Guitar." However, Tyler Hilton has evolved as a musician, and I feel that he is finally hitting his stride. Be on the lookout for this one. Listen to this track here.

Zach Berkman: "All That I Know"
This song was recently featured on ABC Family's Make It Or Break It. I searched the lyrics because I had to find out who this guy was. Zach Berkman is such a talented songwriter. He has spent many years chasing his dream across the both the U.S. and Europe. In 2008 he released a full length album and an EP. Last year he wrote a song called "Drop in the Ocean" for Ron Pope that was fairly popular. However, Berkman's newest single, "All That I Know," is looking to be his biggest success yet. Listen to this song here.

Neon Trees: "Animal"
My roommate recently introduced me to Neon Trees. Their debut album, Habits, was released in March, and I think this band has huge potential. Neon Trees' great alternative sound is similar to The Killers, via Hot Fuss. "Animal" is a fantastic track that just makes you want to dance in the car with the windows down. However, you must be wearing shades and swaying to the beat with both hands on the steering wheel. It's definitely not a Miley Cyrus song. You can watch the video for this song here.

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