Sunday, April 11, 2010

OneRepublic: Waking Up

After seeing OneRepublic in concert, I could not wait to buy this album. Unfortunately, I did have to wait until I could talk my mom into buying it for me (since I'm a broke college student), but that's another story.

It was worth the wait.

OneRepublic has grown so much since their first album, Dreaming Out Loud, debuted in 2007. They have harnessed their sound into something truly unique and original. Waking Up, which released last November, blends OneRepublic's original mellow, smooth sound with faster tempo, hip-hop inspired beats.

The first single off of Waking Up, "All the Right Moves," has maintained a steady spot on Billboad's Hot 100 chart for over six months. OneRepublic has released two other singles off Waking Up, "Everybody Loves Me" and "Good Life."

My favorite songs on the album are "Good Life," "Secrets," and of course, "All the Right Moves."

1. Made for You
2. All the Right Moves
3. Secrets
4. Everybody Loves Me
5. Missing Persons 1&2
6. Good Life
7. All This Time
8. Fear
9. Waking Up
10. Marching On
11. Lullaby

Frontman Ryan Tedder wrote and produced this entire album, which allows for an extremely cohesive sound as well as a wide portrayal of the band's talent. Both this album and a deluxe version are available in stores and at iTunes. I highly recommend Waking Up, so go get your copy and keep supporting these guys. I have a feeling that they'll be sticking around for a while.

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