Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol Top 6

The theme this week is music by tonight's mentor, Shania Twain. I loved Shania Twain when I was younger (before she went completely pop with "Up"). I'm excited to see what the contestants (especially the guys) will do tonight.

Lee Dewyze sang “You’re Still the One.” I love this song. Lee had a few awkward moments, but he made some great melodic changes as well. Randy said Lee started out pitchy, but he found his sweet spot and made it his own. Ellen said that Lee makes every song his own. Kara complemented Lee on how far he's come in this competition. Simon said Lee seemed hesitant, but it was the perfect song choice.

Michael Lynche sang “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing.” I'm not familiar with this song, so it's hard to critique. I thought Mike used too much vibrato in the first verse, and the melody was strange. However, Mike really connected to the song and sang it well. Randy said Mike has found his zone in R&B ballads. Ellen compared Mike's performance to Luther Vandross. She said Mike felt the emotion of the song and called it a beautiful performance. Kara said Mike connected to the song and changed the melody enough to put his mark on the song while still staying true to the song. Simon called Mike's performance wet and girly, but he agreed with Ellen about the Luther reference.

Casey James sang “Don’t.” Casey said this is a singing song. "I don't think I've sung yet." He's finally taking the judges' advice. This was a simple song, and Casey just sang it. This was my absolute favorite performance of his. It was heartfelt and beautiful. Randy said this side of Casey provides a nice contrast to his rocking guitar songs. Ellen said Casey sang this song like it's where he belongs and called it his best performance. Kara said that true artists don't hide. She said Casey showed everything tonight; he was vulnerable and raw, and that will take him to the top. Simon said last week was a wake-up call for Casey. He also said this was Casey's best performance.

Crystal Bowersox sang “No One Needs Know.” She said this song was to drop hints to her boyfriend. She said he'll man up someday. I thought it was the perfect Shania song for Crystal. I loved it. She didn't quite hit the high notes in the bridge, but she got them in the end. Randy said he loved the arrangement, but it wasn't his favorite performance of Crystal's. Ellen said there's nothing Crystal can't do. She said, "It wasn't my favorite either, but that's like saying, 'What's your least favorite color of the rainbow?'" Kara said it's impossible for Crystal to not be good because she's so honest. She said it wasn't Crystal's best, but it was still an amazing performance. Simon said Crystal's performance was limp and compared it to a coffee shop performance. He said it was forgettable, and he didn't feel the conviction from her.

Aaron Kelly sang “You‘ve Got a Way.” This is Aaron's week, so I had high hopes. He didn't disappoint. This song suited his range, and he sang it really well. It was a sweet and tender vocal, possibly my favorite performance of his. Randy said Aaron did a really good job with the song. Ellen said she's impressed by Aaron's talent and emotion at just 17 years old. She said he really embraced the lyrics. Kara agreed with Ellen about Aaron feeling the words. She complimented Aaron on his decision to change the line about making love. (Aaron said he sang the song for his mom.) Simon said Aaron has struggled the past two weeks, but he was a different artist tonight. He said this is the kind of record Aaron should make because it felt sincere and believable.

Siobahn Magnus sang “Any Man of Mine.” I'm sad that she didn't do the line dance in the middle of the song. The judges loved it, but I didn't like it at all. I will say it was one of Siobahn's better performances, but I'm just not a fan. She sang the song too legato (long and drawn out) which made her fall behind. The whole thing was awkward for me, and then Siobahn went back to her ridiculous screaming. Go home, Siobahn. Randy said he loved Siobahn's punk country version. Ellen said it was fantastic and a good way to end the show. Kara said Siobahn's back in the competition. Simon said it was the perfect song choice, but Siobahn's screaming at the end was too much.

I loved everyone except Siobahn tonight. My absolute favorites were Lee and Casey though (with Crystal and Aaron following closely behind.)

I think Mike and (hopefully) Siobahn may be in trouble this week, and Mike's time may be up.

Lady Antebellum is performing tomorrow night on the results show.

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